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We can save you thousands of dollars a year in the cleaning and maintenance of privacy curtains,  gurneys and Stryker ® beds and tables.

Dry steam vapor is a term that describes steam created at temperatures far above 312̊ F. It has incredible cleaning and sanitizing properties.

Steam at any temperature is still water . . .  nature's natural solvent. When heated to a high enough temperature, it becomes superheated and changes to dry steam vapor and becomes a tremendous cleaning tool. It does so with very little moisture, which allows the surface to dry almost immediately, removing dirt and grime and killing bacteria instantly.

We completely sanitize all pathogens quickly without the need to remove privacy curtains.  We sanitize both the curtains and the track, removing all stains (including ink).

Gurneys & Stryker® beds are sanitized from top to bottom.  Our equipment attachments allow us to steam areas that are otherwise impossible to reach with convention cleaning methods.

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