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Hotel Managers

Our unique dry vapor steam sanitizing process is the most cost effective and through one available to rid your rooms of pests and rejuvenate rooms that are off line because of odors.

Rooms compromised by pets or rowdy guests are completely sanitized. Your room is guaranteed to be allergy and smoke free. It is ready in a fraction of the time and cost of traditional methods of cleaning or remolding compromised rooms. 

Our process also completely kills bedbugs and microorganisms. Your room is thoroughly sanitized and ready for a guest immediately!

Dry steam vapor is steam created at temperatures above 312̊ Fahrenheit. It has incredible cleaning and sanitizing properties and many other benefits, such as creating smoke-free rooms, refreshing mattresses, removing mold and mildew, sanitizing bathrooms, tile and grout and pool deck surfaces

When a guest has “an accident,” our process will clean and sanitize the mattress and remove unsightly stains.  Our deep sanitizing process can double the effective live of a mattress.



Restaurant Managers

Avoid costly fines.  According to the Centers for Disease Control, roughly 2,500 people become seriously ill with listeria each year within the United States.

Proper cleaning of food contact surfaces and equipment can help prevent an outbreak of listeria, ecoli, and other potentially harmful food borne bacteria. Regular steam cleaning helps kill & prevent food borne bacteria, listeria, ecoli, salmonella and more.

Dry steam vapor is a term we use to describe steam created at temperatures far above 32̊5 F. It has incredible cleaning and sanitizing properties and many other peripheral benefits, such as dramatically reducing the cleaning chemicals used. It is now being accepted as an alternative to the traditional methods of cleaning with lots of water, lots of chemicals, and excessive pressure.

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