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Results of a study conducted by CINTAS Corporation revealed that 95% of people avoid business where they have had a negative restroom experience.  A dirty restroom can result in lost revenue, fewer patrons and a poor reputation.  A study conducted by SCA found that cleanliness of restaurant bathrooms is a key factor in repeat business.  In addition this study found that 50% of those who visit restaurants said they would tell friends and family about a negative experience with an unclean or unsanitary restaurant restroom


The number one and two most noted complaint was overflowing toilets (58%) and unpleasant odors (57%).  In regard to unpleasant odors, it’s important to note that any strong odor, including a cloying floral scent or the stench of cleaning products is just as unpleasant as the more obvious “bad” restroom odors.

We completely sanitize and deodorize restrooms from ceiling to floor.  All pathogens and resulting odors are removed.  Bathroom fixtures, sinks and partitions are sterilized.  Tile grout is renewed and sealed.  Your patrons will notice the difference immediately. Our dry vapor sanitizing  process allows us to  sanitize deep into cracks and crevices.  While chemical cleaners just skim the top, leaving germs and odors behind.

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